Ynon Mabat Digital Paintings
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The temporary existence of a scene, gives it a personality and an identity of it's own. It is an experience.

My work is an observation of the world around me. It documents experiences I had and the effect they had in me.

The recurring motifs in my work are farmland and seascape scenes. They symbolize life itself, being rooted (therefore belonging), eathiness and food for body and soul.

I begin by taking a photograph that will be the center of the artwork. The photograph, watercolors and textures are combined digitally to form one image.

I aim for a balanced relationship between the figurative, abstract, color and textural components of the work.

I was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1952.

In the early 80's I studied accounting in Akron University, Akron, OH and worked exclusively in that field until 1997. At that time I became a full time artist.

During the years I traveled extensively through the Americas and Europe.

I reside in Longwood, Florida along with my Family.

My works are part of various institutional and private collections.