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The Chair


The chair that appears in many of my artworks can viewed either as good place to be at or simply as the embodiment of the Unconnected Randomality thought process.

The Thought Process
Unconnected Randomality is a thought process totally unconnected to Sartre's   Existentialism and any ambiguities that may or may not be found in it regarding the thought of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, but on the other hand, is strongly influenced by the Chaos Theory.
The thought process that culminates in the creation of the artwork is a result of the anomalies of an unresponsive set of reactions and anti-reactions, be it of a specific individual in general or the general public in particular.
By virtue of that, and devoid of sense, be it natural or artificial, but blimped with flatulent reasoning, the result is a rational guide for the artwork's creation and it's innate irrationality.

The Purpose
The underlying purpose is to make something really nice to hang on your walls and at the same time allow me to pay my bills. 

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